Advocate Malesela Teffo, Suicide, NAC And JHB Central Police

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Buckle Up!!

So, izolo loku, off goes the writer on a limping stroll to the western edge of downtown Johannesburg. Because the plan is ukudlala nabanye abentwana

You know…, We are talking about mingling with the Mission Is Possible #ArtsRevolutionaries2024 types. Yekeke, ThiVi Networkers, nizokhumbula bonyana…, The Creative And Cultural Industries Federation of South Africa in Gauteng had a date with the police at Johannesburg Central. Yes, at John Vorster where usis’ Yvonne Chaka Chaka enzela khona the video of the 1980s song…, Got Caught for Breaking the Law.  Ehe! Manje, as we speak, the police and the hawks are on the chase of cases…, Left-right and centre. Izinto zabo ma…, Cala mosIs’phithiphithi ‘Samacala, Kuze Kuse!!!. Therefore, you can read about other NAC cases right here…, 

The Squanderer Of Millions Of Artists’ Money Put Under Surveillance


But okwamanje, we are here…,

In truth, the famous artists are missing in action. However, not petite singer and performer uKhanyo Maphumulo. She is the only seasoned artist of broad popularity that showed up at Johannesburg Central Police Station to support Gauteng CCIFSA in opening a case – CAS 572/9/2022.

“I was there to support fellow artists. I have not applied recently. Ngarijek’thwa, twice previously.’

Maphumulo says some cannot stomach the NAC brush-off. Hence omunye umuntu kaZimu uvele athathe isinqumo sokubanyana akhambe, alishiye iphaseli. Nokho ayoziphumulela, jong! Ngombana indeed because…, Ithjo! Khese uyibethe wena batjho ung’bani na…, Mlozi! Vuma ingoma leya nasiya ethi…! 

Khamba hliziyo yam, uye ezulwini akukho ukuphumula lapha ephasini.

And Maphumulo continues…, “There is a kid who was part of Abahlali base NAC. She committed suicide after she got a rejection letter from the NAC. From what is known, lomntwana had a good project and amaphepha akhe ebe right. Still she got rejected. Ay! Artists need to get what they deserve. Therefore, I wish things could get well there at the NAC.” 


Khulumani Ma Artists And Creatives!

So, what say other artists. Lejewa ke eng? Nthini, are they out of line these #ArtsRevolutionaries2024? Or is it you that is too scared to chant…, An Injury To One Is An Injury To All? 
So, what say other artists. Lejewa ke eng? Nithini, are they out of line these #ArtsRevolutionaries2024? Or is it you that is too scared to chant..., Inja Waah! Inja Wohh! (Injury To One Is An Injury To All?) The silence is deafening on the playground of x
The silence is deafening on the playground of social media too. But would it be incorrect to say the no-show and the tight-lipped artists and creatives are not surprising. That is because, apart from a few exceptions, vele most South African brand name artists and creatives get successfully conquered since 1994. 

For fear of hunger, most creatives choose to be mute on significant socio-cultural issues, let alone on the pain they go through. Otherwise, if they dare speak in tongues of  critics of authority, they may be seen in bad light by the ROARCOMOSA. That would be the mighty Rationing of Opportunities And Resources Committee OSouth Africa. Thanks to ROARCOMOSA, numerous artists and creatives tend to excuse their cowardliness with an…, ‘Eh! batla ho kwalla, the moment you exercise your right and freedom of speech. Nthliii! Bakuvalela ngaphandle.’ So, nca, nca! These oath of office swearing of ngifunga the democracy and upholding the constitution things, to a certain degree, are a farce. 


Something Dung – Stinky Goes On At The NAC

Anyhow, abakwa NAC basolwa (kakhulu) ngokukithi babandakanyeka in money laundering, fraudulent activities, shady dealings and mismanagement of Artist’s Funds. Adding fuel in the fire is the South African music Promoter’s Association. It declares…, “Someone is going to jail at the NAC. It is either you are with the creatives or with the master. Which side are you (at)?” 

Someone, please say…, ‘Heey! Nenzani nina lapho e NAC. Bra Caiphus Semenya, please, speak to the NAC people. Hay’ bakgalemele tu, bra Katse. Bashaye, ubadwebe ngaleya music masterpiece yakho. A song of social commentary that speaks truths. That being the case, here is Play With Fire. Because In there, ntate Semenya says heavy stuff of import that the NAC people need to hear. Therefore it goes something like this…,

“They like to play with fire make-believe is water. Oh! Woah, Yes, don’t they know, fire will burn them. They live in a dream world of fantasy. They believe…, O Yeah, Crime will pay if the evil stick together. The status cannot remain. Let everybody eat, Mhh! (then) There won’t be heat. The heat from a fire that respects no Sire. That will surely burn you down if you (are) act like a clown.”

Hayi, ntate Semenya…, Ehe! Uyabadweba impela. Should it happen, they still have functioning ears, Indaba Yabo iZoba Straight Ingafuni I Ruler ka Brenda Fassie.  AW’! SALUTE TO SOUTH AFRICAN ARTS HERITAGE ICONS.


Enters Kelly Khumalo’s Foe On The Scene

Therefore, advocate Malesela Teffo, the previous representative of the four accused in the Senzo Meyiwa trial, out of the blue…, He shows up amid Gauteng CCIFSA opening a case against the NAC at Johannesburg Central police station. Teffo is in the area concerning some different businesses. But he has a brief tête-à-tête with creeatives. Eweh! Yena uthethile nabo, manyani. Upon being filled up to the fill, he says…, 

“Ehh! lemali is serious. I must handle this case.” The advocate then goes on. He asks the artists and creatives to give him a buzz so he can land a legal hand. Of course, the reference here is to the R65 million of Artists’ Monies stashed at the Reserve bank and several more millions in the surplus funds mkhonyovu.

Naked And Pregnant Kelly Khumalo

Economic freedom for all, through the arts and creative ability.

Once more, it is necessary to highlight that plenty of attempts get made to silence. In the background, human fire extinguishers try to quell the raging blaze in artists and creatives. The panic attacks must be indicating the #ArtsRevolutionaries2024 movement is getting somewhere. Finally, there is a burning fire under the blazing South African sun. And therefore, something makes some people antsy about suffering artists and creatives asking…,

What’s Going On? Why is there so much starving in the Trouble (b)Land of Plenty? Here is some Stimela.


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