Africans Are Fools

Africans Are Fools

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The verdict rang out loud. Slowly, it cut through the mirage.
Ehe…, that was the slicing verdict. There was no ambiguity coming from the messenger delivering this shattering news.
The nerve to insult a whole people. I tell you…,
Shocking, but still not far from the truth.
Chika Onyeani wrote about Africans’ short-sightedness, even cowardice, in his book Capitalist Nigger.
Yes, you might agree modern-day Africans are FOOLS and cowards.
That is when you are inclined to stand on the no catching feelings ground.

You see…,
Africans of today get fooled and intimidated easily.
Among the biggest scarecrows terrifying Africans into their roomy corner of slavery are…,
Pain, poverty, suffering and death.
Getting Africans to do foolish things, self-sabotage, was a piece of cake.
You know…,
Undermining self and each other was like second nature to most Africans.
Well, that is not scientific.
Akere these days we have, among us, bo is it scientific?
It is just an observation.


A Zimbabwean school teacher was the one that delivered to his class the shattering dispatch of Africans Are FOOLS!
Did the teacher get too intoxicated to spit such a curse?
Far from it, he was so sober it was not funny.
How boring.
Picture this…,
Mr learned one was standing in the direction of the flowing scent of braai meat.
The roast was in a Yeoville backyard.
The teacher did not happen to blast his mouth to sing for his supper as he would do in a classroom.
He had been listening intently to a conversation between fellow braai attendees.
The talk had moved from a debate about polarized Bantus in South Africa to asking why Africans were not getting things right in their continent.
Why is it Africans excel in conflicts with one another?
It seemed the Bantus thrived on gouging each other, yet as a collective, they remained destitute.
Why were Africans in a collision cause with themselves?
Africas had no wealthy nation problems when their continent got spoiled with choices of riches and resources?
These assets include humans, animals, lands, rivers, forests, seas and minerals.

“You see…,”
The teacher began with a tone of voice that had to it that ring of I PUT IT TO YOU speak.
“Africans are fools. Leave the colonial imperialist out of African problems for a minute. The obsession with fingering an enemy from without has not taken Africans far…, or has it?”

There was a brief pause of blank stares and knowing silence among the six men around the braai area. The schoolman took the stillness as a sign he should launch into a monologue.

“Africans are a problem themselves and to themselves. So, before any attempt to solve anything, they got to work on their goddammed brain-teased selves. Africans were dealing with challenges of the poor and disrespected people because African minds got FOOLED. Africans largely doubt, disrespect and disregard themselves. For failing to defend, rally around each other and protect what is theirs could be theirs. Yes…, For that, Africans are fools. Not to mention the foolishness of failing to appreciate and use their powers, efforts and gifts in ways that liberate them. To this day, the African is a beast for the burdens of those that mastered the art of conquests. An African is an easy target for mental and economic serfdom. Africans are fools to get fooled not only once, twice, thrice, but for over four hundred years-times. BIGGER FOOLS get to administer the affairs of Africans. Rudderless leaders that chose opportunism over the principle…,
Yes, the principle of solidarity…,”

The teacher got cut by a lost in thought South African who chirped in with a poem like speech.
“Oh! Solidarity…,
From apartheid to solidariteit
Why cannot we learn from the AfriForum of solidariteit
Yes, from the actions of the loving themselves too much sometimes at our expense.
Africa, you have forgotten the chant…,
We got deaf to the weeping, the pains.
Mute is the war cry of an injury to one is an injury to all.
Let us re-learn solidarity, solidariteit
Bana ba motho baqhetsulelana hloho ea tsie…,
Ngi mnandi mawumn’andi
Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.”

An impatient voice with a tinge of Nigerian accent interrupted.
Aaaah! My friend, please, what was the meaning of that?”

Azania ignored him and continued like Aluta.

“Opportunism and principle…,
Africa got cursed with leaders…,
Not willing to suffer with the people
Never prepared to stand firm for the African nation
Yes, the principle of solidarity has long gone
Since long gone with the western winds.
Like inkomo zo baba ezamuka nomoya
Left were ego’s choosing opportunism over principle…,
Oh! Cry the beloved people of Africa.
Children of KaNtu deprived of men and women of principle.”

The South African stopped to let ibandla breathe.
“Wow! That was beautiful, my brother!”
The teacher exclaimed. He proceeded.

“So, as I conclude. Africans were aware of their problems. However, since most live out of their minds, they seem comfortable…,
They find comfort in doing nothing except enjoying a blabber about their pain, misery and victimhood status. Otherwise, why were they not decisively acting to change their cultural and economic slavery status? Oh! What kind of curse got decreed on Africans to invite punishment such as suffer fools gladly but tolerate stupidity in self?
Africans are FOOLS!
I mean. That borrowed Westen governing systems had carte blanche to rule Africans was a foolish act with the capital letters FAIL.”
So said the teacher.
Ah! Speak of Africa of a largely failing and failed people.


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