KZN premier Zikalala

Baby, Who Comes First?

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Not surprising at all.
It should have got expected.
Yeah, for a tanker to deliver its entire load of water to KwaZulu-Natal premier Sihle Zikalala’s home.
Such unfolded when the La Mercy residents, where Zikala stays, needed some Adam’s ale.

Forget that reports said operations at some hospitals in KZN came to a halt due to the lack of water for sterilising and cleaning.
It should not have been unforeseen for Zikala and his family to get water first.
You see, Zikalala is ANC and ANC comes first in this land.
Bakwethu, the movement has played the role of that partner that declares the whole relationship is about me, myself and I.
The style of the ANC and some wolves in its fold resembled that of a self-centred partner.
You know…,
The sort that says screw you, I come fast and first.
Come on now!
Who is still ignorant of the fact the ANC and its big shots come first.
Did Cyril Ramaphosa not say he would fall on his sword than openly admit the public needs lost out to ANC campaigning.
To the ANC, the survival and needs of South Africans were not as significant as salvaging the ANC or making the lives of its leaders comfortable.
Was it not the predecessor to Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma, who spelt out that the ANC comes first?
The ANC has been at the centre stage of an abusive marriage for twenty-eight long years with South Africans.
It has been an unholy matrimony savage in all forms…,
Be it emotional, psychological and or physical.
It has been wedlock with a deadlock of nothing but promises turned into lies.

Good heavens!
And after all these years, come electioneering time.
The self-obsessed ANC ego would dare to say…,
“South Africa, I love you. Err! Tell me. What do you want, what do you need, baby?”

Not that the ANC ego is sincerely interested to hear the citizens out…,
You know, feel the people and do them right.
Their whole act was about getting endorsement for their scam of a scheme.
The commemoration of that 27th day of April some twenty-eight years ago was around the corner.
That was the day of the official ANC and South Africans’ nuptials.
The wolves came to power, and they saw.
And it was with salivation…,
Yebo, they did not carry salvation in their hearts and mind.
It was with salivating mouths and with glee that the pack said…,
South Africa, what a sensual body.
You see…,
To the ANC carnivores, South Africa was a hunting ground.
Free for the cruise of the lowest of the low in their family.
The citizens were just fodder.

Now, do take a good look at the ANC wolves.
With all your senses cleared…,
With the eye of your mind…,
Behold the chief ancestors of the tamed hounds.
Leave no one out of the view.
Only then you may not get shocked.
It is culture, a tradition in the ANC for its big shots to come fast and first.
As for South Africans…,
Well, they are on their own.


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