Criminal Offences Repeatedly Committed In Parliament

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Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac and Lie To Me by Brook Benton got on high rotation in several minds, perhaps. So high that it probably got some high ones at the National Arts Council (NAC) high on deceit. 

You see (boma) sning-ning in May 2022, the NAC presents to the Sports Arts and Culture portfolio committee. Dem dey say…, Hayi, as per the remedial action sanctioned by the Public Protector (PP), they have implemented all where the complaint of the South African Roadies Association (SARA) is concerned.

Haa! Kanti tholukuthi hey…, Freddie Nyathela, president of SARA, is watching the NAC Asibajutheni Show. Awuu! Wasuka amaphepha.

Therefore, the chief roadie immediately retorts with a…, Liars! Liars! Your mhh-mhh is on fire. It does not end there. From the barrel bombs of SARA, a volley of emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages get dispatched in the direction of u sis’ Beauty and the portfolio committee. Oh! u sis’ Beauty is chair of the Sports Arts and Culture committee. Ehe, sis Beauty Nomvuzo Dlulane uma seliphelele. Additionally…, In the barrage of emails and mobile phone text messages, Nyathela demands proof of the implementation of the remedial action by the NAC. Moreover, he points out that the NAC only implemented the easy part of issuing a letter of apology for treating him like …, Uhm, like some pest or a scum, if you will.

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The PPs Office In Area, Halakasha!!! 

Only on 02 November eyayizolo loku…, BK Boikanyo, an Investigator in the PPs office, writes to the chief roadie and reveals…, Well, he is making a follow-up with the office of Sports Arts and Culture Minister (Nathi Mthethwa) on the outstanding Remedial Actions. Consequently, this indicates the NAC lied about implementing all the remedial actions of the PP.

Bakwethu, section 17 (2) d of Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and Provincial legislature Act says…, Kuyicala elibovu to willfully furnish information or make false or misleading statements to a committee. For that reason, the punishment is a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or both.

Therefore, another spectacular showdown is on the horizon. Well, that is if the discussions of (01 November 2022) the portfolio committee are anything to take kop-toe. So, SARA, NAC and the office of the PP have to soon appear before the portfolio committee. We will bring you an update apha kwa ThiVi Network.

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A Background To A Scandalous Story

So, the South African Roadies Association (SARA) lodges isikhalazo with the Public Protector (PP). Because in 2015, an application gets falsified in the name of SARA. Curiously, the counterfeit supplication shows up after the NAC rejection of a request for funding from SARA in 2014.

As a result, the PP investigates, ne…, ane, and produces a report. The NAC is in the wrong on several things. Therefore, empowered by section 182(1)(c) of the Constitution…, the PP (Busi Mkhwebane then) instructs the NAC to remedy its improper conduct. You know, things of forgery of applications and maladministration. Additionally, the Minister Nathi Mthethwa, gets asked to assist. Specifically, he is to ensure the remedial actions get expedited. The remedial action of the PP are legally binding, according to the Constitutional Court. 

What The NAC Should Have Done

Now, among others, the NAC got tasked with amending and strengthening imithetho yabo of the Expired Projects and Surplus Policy. Moreover, the idea is to prevent the staff and some NAC stakeholders from exploiting the Policy to violate the ethos of fairness, equity, transparency and competition. You know, things (of stuff) enshrined in Section 217 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Additionally, the NAC has to have a Declaration of Interest register relating to the projects NAC employees have initiated since 2015. 

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Pirates and Chiefs Have Nothing On The Newtown Derby 


There is a long and continuous Newtown derby between SARA and the NAC. Nyathela is a Jerry Skhosana thorn in the NAC six (penalty) box area.

Kuthiwa usis’ Beauty yena udlala i five ka Lucas Radebe for NAC, i stopa bababa! Because bare goes, she does beyond the call of duty in her thiba ka debono posture to benefit the NAC. Kunezinsolo zokuthi she is taken a good care. Ey! Anything is possible in that parliament. Remember former ANC MP Vincent Smith, Bosasa and…? Need we say more? 

The Freddie And Sis’ Beauty Scuffle

So, he heee…, U sis’ Beauty cries foul. Bathong! She says Nyathela is trampling on her rights and harassing her, and yena (an activist) does not take kindly to such. Nyathela says…, “All I am demanding is accountability and the portfolio committee to do its work for the arts and creative community without fear or favouritism. Therefore, She must do her job (defend artists and creative sector) paid for with our taxes. It is not her duty to tolerate dishonesty from the NAC. To continue tolerating the NAC lies in that portfolio committee is to keep the African child disadvantaged, oppressed, economically deprived and impoverished.”

PS Of Postscript, Not Of The Chocolate

Ew’ bakwethu lost in the post is a letter that reads…,

Dear sis’ Beauty,

Please be u sis’ Dolly of arts, showbiz and creative sector. Then everything shall be double Dolly. Wa di jaja mos…,

Ergo, kindly note there is an organization with a spirit of a Scotch…, Iye! U Skotjhi never dies…, Dies by mistake. Ehe! Led by Freddie Nyathela, the South African Roadies Association (SARA) is committed to and has done marvelous work in empowering previously disadvantaged youth with live event technical and production skills. Now, sis’ Beauty omuhle, ithi sikuhlebele ne, ane. With SARA…, He-hee, touch is a move. More than anything, SARA does not want abaphathi abaphethwe ukusa nokuganga.

In conclusion  at your own peril – ignore, dismiss or toy with SARA. Go ahead, and ask abocomrade chief who got high on their (own)supply of lies about SARA. 


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[…] Criminal Offences Repeatedly Committed In Parliament […]

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