Fed Up Artists Celebrate As Nathi Mthethwa Bites The Nasrec Mine Dust

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Now…! To those in the culture of Merry Christmas – all protocols are observed.

However, spare a moment or two for those almost set to have a muddy-mad new year preceded by a teary kris-messy. Because angithi senizwile, angithi, ukuthi counted among the victims of the skirmishes of the ANC ( blood on the floor) 55th Conference is umphathiswa uNathi Mthethwa – Sport Arts and Culture minister. Therefore, just maubane, following the battle of the Nasrec, a song dripping with energy and joy spills out of several arts, showbiz and creative industry streets. The steamy number bounces of a spirited and thumbing mbaqanga beat – and dem they sing um like this …,

Freedom is coming tomorrow 

(and Khanyo Maphulo takes the lead)

Get ready, mama. Prepare for your Freedom…,

Yeah! Baby, can you feel those groovy Sarafina musical things all over your body, stirring the spirit? Bakwethu, with Mthethwa not cutting it as an ANC NEC member and the cabinet reshuffle talk going wild all over the place – some creatives are in a celebratory mood. Batjho they are looking forward to a brighter ‘future’ with a new minister for the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC). However, countless post-1994 experiences caution against premature ejabulation and putting too much hope and trust in a politician or the ANC. Yes, with all its beautiful arts policies – since 1994, lip service is what the ANC movie-ment got to master (mainly) where arts, culture and heritage are concerned. Akere bo ma sning-ning, the ANC admitted as much. He, hee! Come to think of it – in a conversation with poet Lefifi Tladi – the writer gets to hear that one of the best tips Oliver Tambo gave to the ANC in exile is…, ‘Once entrusted with the governance of Ningizimu Afrika, prioritise the ministry of Culture and Arts.’ Oho! Mnciiim! What did the abo chief-chief! Do?

Cyril Ramaphosa, The Untouchable Lawfare Monger

The Future Is In Your Hands, Mind, and Approach – Not With Whoever Is Minister

Thus amid the fall of Nathi, activists and the creative sector community must compose selves to ponder about and plot for tomorrow. Such could unfold while in the company of melodious music with a sound line line harmoniously sung thus…, 

O-wow! Wow-hoho! What the future holds for us?

For the not initiated, the above are lyrics from a soberly performed Louis Mhlanga gentle ballad titled What The Future Holds. As the march and struggle for a better life in the arts and creative sectors continues…, Pleasing to know is that shining some light is Thandile Petswa, one of the lucid sons of arts. Thus Petswa speaks…,

“We can’t be complaining about these politicians perpetually. We need to take ownership (and responsibility) now. Ours (arts and culture department) is a dumping place for people with scandals or those sidelined from departments they say are meaningful.”

Now, some things needs to be corrected, of kanjani? And there is no better way than to continue fighting the good fearless war to defend the artists, creatives and youth from abomakhaf’lela ama artists ngezikhwehlela in their faces. Over the years, the exemplary Freddie Nyathela (president of the South African Roadies Association) has more than inspired creatives to fight for the good cause of justice for South African arts and creatively talented people.

Vatiswa Ndara Further Bloodies The Nose Of Minister Nathi Mthethwa

The Road To Mthethwa’s Demise

Enters one former advisor that says he quit his advisory duties because Nathi was not advisable. Therefore, as per the ThiVi Networkers tradition let us sing (to Nathi) that Ntando Bangani banger…,

“Umntu onjani lo, onjani lo onga fun’ ukuzwa yoyo, ukumamela umntu onjani lo, onjani lo ongafun’ ukuzwa?”

Well …, “He (Nathi) has an ego like you won’t believe,” quips a former adviser. A seasoned art and show-business scribe say the Nathi ego stood in the way of sound advice. Ergo it is time for him to go. Now, leading to the battle of the 55th ANC Nasrec conference, sections of the arts, show-business and creative sector made their feeling clear with the words…,

Asimfuni uNathi, makahambe

The South African Music Promoter’s Association (Sampa) was most unambiguous, calling for the ANC branches not to include Nathi in its NEC.  Furthermore, Nathi appears to have lived in his ‘ I do not give a hoot and it is my way bubble.’ Some of the stuff said about Mthethwa is that he is the arrogant type and a heARTless user of abanye abantwana. “Once he has no further use for you, he ignores your calls.” Rhaa!!

Ahhh! Indeed, that brings to mind Vatiswa Ndara. So, the actress brings to the attention of Nathi the slave labour conditions some actors go through on set in the local television and film sector. What does Nathi do? He flies Vatiswa like a bird to Cape town and buys her chicken. After that, he gives her that whatever, ghosting hand when she tries to reach him.

Zola 7 Confirms Marriage While Bernard Parker Advises Men

Pity about Usis’ Beauty Who Could Have Been Usis’ Dolly Of The Arts

In conclusion…, Boldly, the bass guitar from a song by the band Queen goes something like – Doom! Doom! Doom! And thus the son of Zanzibar, Freddie Mercury, rises…,

Another One Bites The Dust 

Of course Mercury is pouring the melody into the ear of the writer. This after  the writer sees  usis’ Beauty Dlunane also did not make the ANC NEC cut. Come now, remember her…, Ehe! She is the chairperson of the Sports, Arts and Culture portfolio committee. Moreover, she got accuse of doing a thiba ka di bono defender things for the National Arts Council. 

In truly closing of mncwii strue…, Ewu! Kuthiwa beneficiaries of the Nathi favours shed crocodile tears for their man. Haibo! Kuthiwa, they are already sniffing around about his possible replacement so they could ingratiate themselves. Itjoo!!! Hale ditshabe maan!


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