Happy Herritage Day, But Not To The Tsodi Yo Tsodiyo’s In Arts

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Of course, the writer suspects the amakomanisi in the #ArtsRevolutionaries2024 may not like this…, Yeah! Because izimbungulu zaka gog’ Louise – played by Gloria Mudau in the sitcom S’Gudi S’naysi…., Indeed, they are busy sucking the blood of artists and creatives. Still, what the hack! What if we wish the National Arts Council (NAC) a happy Heritage day? Mhhh! 

As a matter of fact…, Kyk mos, the NAC is not the people that work there or those in the Council turning the multimillion rands belonging to artists institution into Bomagangane Gravy Train. Therefore, kere bona, setimela…, 


Ah! Aa! Not the juicy Stimela sase Zola eka Mbongeni Ngema, we mama! Thim! Yele ma wo-o!…, Neither (it is) the groovy Stimela of Ray Chikapa Phiri Sishovingolovane (wozani nonke nizo) gibela. Or the funky Love Train of the O’Jays. Here we are talking about the pirates khuchukhuchu carrying dizzying millions of pilfered surplus fund things baba wami! You know, the members-only NAC Great Train Robbers bhimb’-singing…,


Kuya Ngokuthi ungubani, Ayo yoyo! Uphila nobani, Udlisa Kanjani uhaaa…,

Aw! Thatha Brenda Fassie, thatha!!! Indeed, thank you, V Mash…, Of course, for that hyping things up in television broadcasting. Ergo, ThiVi Networker, that is a performing art heritage symbol, right there…, 

Vinoila Mashego…, ladies and gentlemen. Salute!


Net Closing In On Culprits Who Moved R65 Million Of Artists Cheese

Anyway…, There is no more doubt that the NAC got besieged by some barbarians. But someone whispers that maqabane should not lose focus because, you see…, People come and go mfethu, yabo! But the institution remains. Then questions arise. What kind of an institution is and should the NAC be? Which ethos does it uphold the most? Moreover, in whose interest does the institution exist? Thus, are the acts of some at the NAC speaking to the reason the institution exists?

On that note, shall we…, Precisely! Let us refresh memories according to the National Arts Council Act No. 56 of 1997. Because objectives of the Council are…, Fundani maNAC and you, Council members and ningafundi nijahile for cramming to pass some test or to dupe. Stadig! Internalise the sh*#t, live it, khemaan! Maan!


Yekeke, eminye yemnqopho of the NAC is to…,


(a) Provide, and encourage the provision of opportunities for persons to practise the arts.

(b) Develop, and promote the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of arts.

(c) Promote the general application of the arts in the community and give the historically disadvantaged such additional help and resources as are required for greater art access.

(d) Foster the expression of national identity and consciousness 

 (e) Uphold and promote the right of any person to freedom in the practice of the arts.

(g) Address historical imbalances and provide infrastructure to promote the arts.

Cyril Ramaphosa, The Untouchable Lawfare Monger

Consequently…, The levels of consciousness of any NAC staff and Council member ought to get checked from time to time. Hence the writer offers a little poser for the concerned. Thus, sellout in the creative sector, NAC Council and staff, phedulani…,


Are you in it for the looting

Or are you that kind,

The humankind,

What kind are you

Do you subscribe to the….,

Let us make ourselves some serfs. 

Abo heArtless plunderer of all

Body, spirit and soul…, Alles! 

Mhh! Come to think of it…, 

Are you, perhaps, the vampire type…, 

You know, the tsodiyo-tsodiyo

Yona eleng chichidi, ephelang kamadi abatho, (Thank you Lebo Mathosa)

What kind are you? 

Are you of heArt or heArtless?

Hurtful or hateful?

Then, what kind are you, because really…?


How Tokollo Magesh Tshabalala Got To Audition For Mdu Masilela

Therefore, happy Heritage day. Errrr! Of course, thank you for nothing kuni bo mageza, niyageza apho. Sinijongile ubuqhenseba norhwaphilizo lwenu. Manyofonyofo elewa etsang atlo fela. And thus the creative shall sing like Dr Magewu in TKZee…, Ne le nahana entlek le tlo fella ka e, ne le ahana entlek, entlek! 


End yaz’ is’khathi sama popayi s’phelile. Indeed…, Yizo Yizo!


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