Mayhem! Mayhem! As The Surreal Cyril Andiyi Ndawo Chant Collapses

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Whilst at it, you know, in his delusional I shall not be intimidated nor bullied and all…,

The with some god complex, Cyril BuffaNkole Ramaphosa must be chanting muffle curses at the name Arthur Fraser.Had BuffaNkole enjoyed any efficiency in beef-type pop-culture lyricism and attitude, then he would go something like this…,

That mother paka Arthur,

He is a funkhole, 

I am Buffankole, 

I am going to ra -haa-a-a a rise

Fuck up this country 

Yoh! Hee! Suck! Suck!

Suckie! Suckie!

Suck the milk and honey dry

A Pampered and Petted By Business Pet President On The Skid

Thus, once again, we zoom in on the dark cloud-covered and heavy storm-sealed president Cyril BuffaNkole Ramaphosa. The sober will agree Buffankole needs a miracle-of miracle, a Bushiri brand of prayers, strong muthi -from who knows where- and a HarryPotter magic wand to cast more zombifying spells on his fans. Yes, all of that in one, to keep his staunchest supporters believing the fib and fraud he is. Indeed, to emerge from his exposed bluff of a choreographed mirage – corruption-free, transparent and law-abiding. President Cyril Ramaphosa…,

That is to say, Buffankole needs powerful winds for his doomed-dollars mattress ship to sail through the overturning heavy seas of Phala Phala Farm Gate.

“Those who supported him in the business community are also saying…, You have to leave -you have to go. You cannot get out of this (Cyri). It’s like the smoking gun is in your hands (and) the body is lying there. It’s like, oops! Eh! I was cleaning it, and it went off…,” says Alec Hogg in a Biz News video circulating on Twitter. 

Here watch and learn for yourself from the Hogg itself. He is the founder and former CEO of Alt-X listed media group Moneyweb.

Friendly Advice To Ramaphosa

Well, RESIGN! That is a persistant song that money people are only echoing now. Phala Phala mattress cannot be spin-doctored. But for the die-hard, praying on the altar of money and idolising the types of BuffaNkole, they might want to take the following forward. Redbull claims to give its drinker wings. Aah! the BuffaNkole can guzzle to obscurity. He can even sniff to get high all he likes because right now, he is the lowest of low scum of black ‘leadership’ on earth. 

When Days Are Dark ‘Allies’ Share Sentiments of The Enemy

Now there is no doubt South Africans, blacks, in particular, are the enemy of Cyril BuffaNkole Ramaphosa. Daai maan uyasi kosa, bemoans a high school mate.

“There is no national plan to address these challenges of poverty, unemployment (and) inequality.” So says former president Thabo Mbeki, also echoing an old song about pains eating at the souls of countless blacks. “It does not exist,” Mbeki continues.“Comrade, president, Cyril Ramaphosa, when he delivered the State of the Nation Address, that is why he said…, In a hundred days, there must be (an) agreed (on)compressive social compact to address these matters – nothing happenned, nothing!”

Enters Solly Mapaila, he of the same SACP that supports the Ramaphosa scam.

“There is a void of leadership. If we were an aeroplane, we would say we are on autopilot. The pilot (Ramaphosa) is there but is doing nothing, almost sleeping.” That thing is just flying on its own, and the captain wakes up when this thing is about to crash.”

O! Yes, About that Sleeping On The Job Business

Since all of a sudden, BuffaNkole suffers from a sleeping disorder. You know, the dozing kind triggering the township pop song of the 80s. 

Haa Yo!Yo! 

Ilala vuka

Haa Yo! Yo! 

Hang on! Hayi, uDr Malinga is a liar, he sings akulaleki mawunemali. But Buffankole, the parachuted billionaire, is a sleepist. Kort-kort! Uthi panya-panya, then athi cwayi-cwayi, hay’  alale u Cyril. Not in a comfy dollar-stashed mattress, but es’tulweni. Things of stool. Hee-e! Uthi akasuzi nje?

So, for his apparent sleeping problems, the surreal Cyril could trial RedSquare. After all, it is of British origin, his taste. Therefore, the cider and energy drink advocate for sleeping when you are dead.  Eish! Sbuda. Hade! My brother, shall we reserve your brand of cool -energy drink for the worthy, you know the…, You see, DJ Sbu’s MoFire will make Cyril burn down the country even further. 

And o! Should he address the ANC KZN conference. Then do rely of delegates to keep BuffaNkole awake with that roof-raising song-cry – Aw’ke usitshele ukuthi Uzuma Wenzeni. Let us in conclusion of today’s sermon wrap up with more words from Alec Hogg.

“What were you doing with $4 in cash? What happens behind the scenes, the back story, is that when they trade in-game, to avoid tax, they pay each other in cash. So, if the president of the country is avoiding- evading, sorry, evading tax which is almost certainly what happenned here. Then if he is a tax evader and the president, why should not the rest of society follow his example. Or they will go to jail.”

As my amaNdebele people might say…, Awa! Ramapho-photha, BuffaNkole, Kutana yamakhuwa. Kubhalile, khese utjhide ndoda!


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