Meet The People With Absolutely No Shame

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Cala mos…,

O! In case you got lost. Cala is isiNdebele word for look, or check it out. Consequently, over here…,   You see. The Ndebele blood got the writer to buy three different types of bread. Notably, the loaves were all for me. Additionally, a jam jar was waiting at home. Over the baked goods, it would lay its red carpet. Mhh! Soft life things, Ndebele style.🤣

Iye! What would a Ndebele boy be without ub’rotho ne jam? It is like that inseparable HHP and a sample kind of thing. Anyway, why do you think Bob Mabena went by the epithet, the Jammer? Luister! The potent Ndebele blood from his mother’s side called the shots on him😋😝.

That Ndebele Activist In Gautrain and At The Mall

Anyway, was it a coincidence or what? Because, umrami, uThando Mahlangu, drops a WhatsApp message. He does it amid my bread festival. Iye! You remember him, mosdan. Indeed, the proud brother oozing sangfroid…,

Awa, khese n’wahle izandla, umrungwa uyas’ritha is’khuwa madekhethu…, SANGFROID! Batjho. That is self-confidence. Not only once but twice, Thando messed with the Western sold-and-told vision of modernity. 

He is the famed Ndebele activist who rode on Gautrain and entered a Midrand Mall dressed in his amaNdebele traditional attire. For that, he got made to eat crow. Now, you get the picture, right. Yes, that of a son of the soil advocating for amaNdebele to be on tv. In fact, due to the hurtful manner that Thando got treated…, He stands by his stance of suing Boulders Mall and Gautrain for humiliation.

Arha! ke. Maye mna! Isindebele simnandi khulu mosdan.


Behold The Cultural Serfs

Be that as it may, proud Africans increasingly get undermined in their culturally colonized continent.

Jama! Jama! Yes, stop. Amid all the bad-mouthing, this is not a launch into a bemoaning sermon.But please permit just one line of perspective. Because of indaba le iqakatheke khulu khulu! Indeed, very important. Therefore, ng’yak’rabhela, please, a beg-a-beg! Ok, two lines ke…, Uhm! Just a medium-sized paragraph. 

In his book aptly titled An Inquiry Into The Nature and Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith writes…, In essence, he says since the downfall of the Roman empire, the policy of Europe has been more favourable to the arts, among others. Now, next to the Arts is culture. Side-by-side, they stand like twins, right! Hence, here is something to chew on, stadig…,

Cala mos, nog weer…, To embrace a culture is to support the economy of that culture. In other words, Africans must look around. Momentarily. Oh! Behold the enthusiasm and obsession with Western designer labels and lifestyle (culture). Explicitly, Africans must ask themselves whose economy and jobs are they supporting? Moreover, in the Western culturally driven consumption? Awa! khese n’jameni, bantru. Are you not bewitched? 

Assemblies! Ng’bawa ning’libalela. For particularly taking such a detour to get to the purpose of this piece which is…, Indeed, it is heartening to learn, from time to time, that there were still African people suffering no embarrassment. You know, about themselves. To clarify…, 

There are many Africans so shameful of who they are. So much so that they sought to hide behind alien civilization.

And the Good News Is…,

Under those circumstances, it makes sense to celebrate abaz’khakhazisako -the proud ones. Now, Thando Mahlangu wishes for the whole world to know that…,

AmaNdebele won big at this year’s PanSALB Multilingualism awards held at Sandton. The shebang was on the eve of June 16 2022.

To sum up, Sipho Marhamba won the Youth Category for promoting the use of the mother tongue. Marhamba is the Director of Endumbeni Cultural and Creative Arts Centre, which advocates for the teaching of IsiNdebele at schools and Universities.

Second, Emmanuel Ngemani Mahlangu won the PanSALB Multilingualism award for Print Media. Ngemani advocates for Radio Stations to playlist music with Ndebele Content. Additionally, Majasi won an award for mother-tongue effective use in an album.

Furthermore, for his latest book titled Ikghuru Iphume ngeQepheni, Themba Emanuel Mashobane – an author and writer- came second in this year’s PanSALB Multilingualism category.

Moreover, Thando Mahlangu won the language Activist of the year for 2021 to 2022. 

Calani mos, it pays to be proud of who you are and where you come from




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