Mike Tyson The Oxymoron

Mike Tyson The Oxymoron

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Mike Tyson…,
What an ox-y-moron of a person.
Wait a minute …, please…,
Aa! Beg
Heaven knows…,
I do not mean to say Mike Tyson is an oxycodone and moron.
Where in the world would I get the s’bindi, sebiti…,
The courage to, in one sentence, spew double insults on Tiger Tyson.
Look, Tyson is a Tiger.
Well, not the Gwende Mantashe type of tiger.
I mean…,
I would not know if Tyson is a tiger in bed.
His wife, Lakiha Spicer, might help with the answer to that one.

Errr…, what I mean to say is uhm…,
Tyson is an oxymoron of a person.
He is a symbol of contradictory projection.
Tyson looks tough…, physically, that is.
More than once, he represented a tiger in the ring.
He, as a boxer, always went for a quick and efficient kill.
Tyson physically represents this big and tough bear,
He is, without a doubt…,
He is one of the greatest boxers of our lifetime.
Tyson symbolised a determined force.
Resolute in his punches!
I mean, how many couples of seconds of knockouts does Tyson have against his opponent?

Iron Mike, whose career record was 50-6 with 44 knockouts, landed 56 per cent of his knockout power punches in 27 fights.
Now, that is 15 percentage points higher than the heavyweight average.
We are talking about a man with twenty-two first-round knockouts in a professional career.

Cabanga ke…,
Yeah, think about it.
Call Tyson oxycodone…, that drug similar to morphine in its effects and subject to abuse and addiction.
As for a moron…,
Well, we all know what a stupid person is.
Call Mike Tyson stupid…?
Who, me…?
Look, I won’t..,
I don’t even dream about messing with Tyson.

But here is another thing about him…,
The flip-side of the Iron Mike is a Tyson that is a fragile soul.
Listen to how Tyson speaks.
That TikTok video where he goes on about a kid playing with a pig in Soweto reveals a bit of that child in Tyson.
He took yours truly back to days before age ten.
We told stories the way Tyson speaks of his Soweto Safari.
You know…,
Children’s talk gets filled with exaggerations and dramatisation.
Yeah…, dreaming wide awake about make-believe stuff.
Most children tend to tell stories in an imaginary, fictitious way.
Children dramatise their story-telling…, something we lose when we grow.

Here is a bit of a transcript of child Tyson speaking.
‘I have seen this little baby kid like six or seven years old and is playing with a giant pig. It is five hundred pounds.
That pig is capable of eating that kid, it’s a vicious animal, but he is playing with it. Smacking it around, jumping, wrestling it…’

Ncuuu! The baby in Tyson.
He can speak like a child, man, with a child’s voice.

On the other hand, Tyson must have seen one too many American brainwashing tell-a-vison news about Africa.
Some illusions that get used to prop up the American dream.

Tyson, you are still the greatest boxer to have lived.


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