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Minister Snitches On Colleagues

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Big applause, please…, Yes, for the one and only Dr Aaron Motsoaledi.

Naaa! Not for his recent publicity stunt drive. He got some saying he was working alone-o!  In all honesty, The Motsoaledi show does not merit much excitement around it. Indeed, that is when the whole chain of South African socio-political events of the last twenty-eight years got considered. Under the circumstances, Motsoaledi deserves a standing ovation for…,

Well, you must have seen the Dr conducting performance evaluations in front of media?

Of course, you may disagree with operation Dudula. However, you might have to agree the drive is the one mostly making the Dr sing like he is a canary. Well…, Over the last couple of weeks, the ANC and its administration got evaluated. Not by the opposition. But by one of its top dogs. Ehe!

Motsoaledi, the Sir of Home Affairs, has been telling on his colleagues

Yebo! Indeed!
Uyabampimpa umuMotsoaledi…, Ubapimpa impela. Additionally, a Business Day article says he even labelled, as cowards, some of his leader colleagues. Rudderless! He explicitly says…,

Ehe! With his pants on his knees, Motsoaledi has his bum out to relieve himself all over the black, green and gold colours. Easy now, backside worshippers. Because meant here is that Motsoaledi has been on the field exposing…,

First, the ineptitude of his department. A well-known tragedy. In addition, he shows the inefficiency of his colleagues, predecessors, and the administration employing him. Motsoaledi spills the beans on himself. Bemoaning that people enter the country without visas, even through OR Tambo airport. Moreover, he asks how a whole Zimbabwean bus driver with an expired passport entered this country. Well, Dr, we should be asking you.
Anyway, from the facial expression of Motsoaledi, you could read a…, ‘He banna, a bus driver fools a whole Dr Me, Motsoaledi.’ But then quickly says…,

Motsoaledi On Toothless Mbalula and Bheki Cele

In not so many words,  he snitches on his comrades – probably unaware. His words tell other stories  when read beyond what he says. For example, uthi…,

‘Look, Mbalula is a bunch of losers. Yeah! All of himself put together. Mbaks is not doing his job, and neither are his troopers. Here…, A Zimbabwean bus company is a repeat offender but still operates in our country. It ferries illegal immigrants from Zim to South Africa.’ Its operation license got not revoked for breaking the laws of the land. Ah! Toothless Mbalula.

You could almost hear a moSotho crying…, Tlhoha! Mona! S’kang’jwetsa ka the security cluster and Bheki Cele.
Aw! As for Cele. Is he not just another loud mouth? Hay’ uNdosi wande ngomlomo bakwethu. Hey! Futh’ uyabasaba abelungu!

Motsoaledi says…, “Cause in the past. The (criminals) were doing whatever they wanted. They believed hay’ in South Africa you can smuggle cigarettes. You can steal tyers. Do anything you want. You come without a passport. You can smuggle illegal people in, and nothing will happen to you.”

Under ANC Rule Criminal Elements Do As They Please

Now, the past, twenty-eight years to be exact, Motsoaledi spoke about stretches back to 1994.
Because that is the moment his party began to misgovern South Africa.

Look…, Motsoakedi spoke at an ANC regional conference in the Eastern Cape. South Africa, said the Dr, was the only playground for all the rascals and low-lives of the world. The likes of Radovan Krejcir and some Rwandan found a home in SA after committing crimes against humanity in their country. Furthermore,  a Zimbabwean has branches of home affairs, license department and social development in his house.

So, did the embarrassments Motsoaledi bemoan not transpire under the ANC administration? Good people, we can point fingers at all the miscreants and group them with those we think are pests in South Africa. The truth…, South Africans are merely engaged in a mass fart in the air exercise if the punishment for the county’s mess got not directed at the political heretics in the ANC. The year 2024 is around the corner.
Consequently, be reminded of the evaluations made by Motsoaledi. Overall, a close analysis of the Motsoaledi crusade shows the government he is part of is a big player causing pain for South Africans.

Therefore, pause. Take the emotions out of things and ask in conclusion…,  Whose performance failures are they that Motsoaledi is reporting on. Is it not the administration bungles he is part? Mhh!


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