Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi The Ass Kisser?

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Gather around.
Let us play some little mind game.
Shall we?
It is a trick at the centre stage of the world.
You know, the race card gambit.
So, get on the cart.
Here we go to the dark and narrow alleys of racism.
One early evening on 25 March 2022, a thought-provoking screenshot popped up on my Twitter home page.
The shot got captioned as follows…,
“Springbok captain Siya Kolisi puts his autograph on a fan’s backside 
at Murrayfield in Edinburgh.”
In the captured moment…,
The ass in the air would-be white fan appears to be all smiles.
He is bent, enjoying the touch…,
Or is it the scribbling on his bum?
We do not get a facial expression from the supposed Kolisi.
Oh! Yes, pity we don’t
But we see a leaned forward black person on a half squat.
Black face deep in white ass.
He is right at the moment…,
Deep in it doing the fiend…,
You know, tackling the bum with his cocked pen.
The whole play got a Dr Hughes @TheRealPro7 commenting.
According to Dr Hughes, there was a next transgender or homosexual poster boy, in waiting, between the rugby players Makazole Mapimpi and Kolisi.
Sorry to divert for a bit…,
But who was likely to claim the crown?
Kolisi or Mapimpi?
Dr Hughes went further in his observation.
“The system puts influential black people at the forefront of perverted behaviour.”
Now, Dr Umar Johnson -Mr Unapologetically Afrikan- would probably say…,
The once was, and still, there is a scramble for Africa and plundering of Africans by whites. Yet some blundering black men thought it was important to obsess with scrambling for white ass.‘  
Do I hear another mhh!
The struggle continues.
You have seen stars….,
You know, heard stories of athletes, artists and entertainers signing autographs on breasts, tummies, foreheads and all…,
But on someone’s bum?
Upon seeing the screenshot in question, a thought and a question came to mind.
It was instant.
To the black person in the picture…,
Yeah, was the alleged white bum not saying to him here…,
And the person said to be Kolisi was only happy to indulge umlumbi.
You know, he does that mncwa thing Julius Malema did to demonstrate to a white person what kissing was.
Bewitched Africans.
The Macmillan dictionary says the phrase kiss-my-ass is an insulting way of saying that you do not agree with someone or respect someone.
So, was the black person lapping up the disrespect directed at him by kissing the supposed white freak’s ass?
Now Merrian Webster’s dictionary explains the meaning of ASS-KISSING as obsequious flattery or attentiveness. put it much simple…,
It says an ass-kisser is a person who tries to please someone to gain a personal advantage.
At this point, you ought to excuse the muntu in me that cries…,
Haw’ kodwa Kolisi bathong!
How could you, brother?
What would a young gifted, and a black person that got sang about by Nina Simone…,
What would an aspiring black kid looking up to you, Kolisi, learn from your act?
How will they keep their head up and sing along to James Brown’s Say It Loud, I am Black, and I am proud?
After seeing you kissing ass like that?
Well, that is if the person on the screenshot is indeed you, Kolisi.
I mean, you can never know these days.
It is the epoch of disruptions, distractions, and destruction.
Anyway, here are four final questions for you.
That will be you that has read this far.
What advantage could a black Kolisi be persuing by kissing that white fan’s ass?
Was he perhaps engaged in a mini act of what got defined as securing the bag?
How rampant is the act of black people kissing white asses just to get paid?
The line below links to the supposed Kolisi and fan ass-worship moment.
Have a look and share your thoughts.
Is there an overreaction here?


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