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SORDID allegations about a Sodi figure and the number of beauties he bedded refers.

Whether the claims were true or false was not the point here.
Thanks to the infamous list, what got brought to view were the bubbles of fame, consumption, and living-it-up that have become career pursuits.
It also draws attention to the stain that obsession with glitz and glamour affairs were inclined to have on performance arts.

A straight line distinguishing between doll and talent got long- jagged.
The tragedy happened amid one of those keeping up to speed with international trends habits that Mzansi tends to follow so blindly.
Over the years, the quality of performance art offerings has been negatively affected thanks to the mere be-seen hotties getting elevated and rewarded above the talented.
These days you would swear to possess eye appeal, and an appetite for flashing meant having some professional skill.
How else to explain that beauty and booty contestants of whatever gender have increasingly secured roles, gigs and the bag simply owing to their appearance and flashing?

The artistic professions of acting, singing, radio or television show-presenting suffered the most in the face of beauty queens and kings masquerading and parading as the gifted in performance art.

An adored local radioman once made a jibe. Eyecandy countenances had taken over radio instead of creative voices with the ability to bring to life stimulating theatre of the mind.
The casting couch also gets a nod for unleashing several beautiful fronts, sans acting flair, on television.

Of course, in a world spinning around naked-eye visuals, physical attraction got its uses. Such include quick and dramatic increases in the social-media following and audiences. But there was hardly any popularity quality check – as in what is the person famous for, and how sustainable was their fame.

Just as it was likely to be the case in romantic relations, good looks got shortcomings in the performing arts.
There was a quick expiry date.
With so many beautiful or good looking people around, it was easy for the attention of physical beauty seekers to shift to the next beautiful face or good looking someone around.
Thus in the showbiz bubble, faces with suspicious talent were prone to trading in sleaze and personal private matters to remain relevant, popular and secure the bag.
But once the door to a private life gets opened, especially wide, it never was easy to close.
Strangers would have acquired a shareholder status such that they demand to have reports and a say in the most intimate details of a person.
So, the request for space to go through a private divorce process came too late from Minnie Dlamini.
Twitter users such as @ChrisExcel102 give some perspective.
“Minnie and Quinton had a public wedding that we had to pay money to watch. Owethu nathi lomshado.”

Beauty without artistic talent, in performance art, was like a pop song without lyrical substance and musical endurance.

Only if those hotel rooms, guest houses and Showbiz office walls could speak like the wall speaking to Noah in the bible.
Oh! Speak! For the sake and salvation of the nobility of performance art.


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