The NAC Squander And Stash Millions Of Starving Artists

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ONCE more, the spotlight falls on the NAC.

At the height of the Covid19 lockdown hell hole…, ngapha artists are starving, mfethu. You know, going to bed without food. Their houses and cars are getting repossessed. But most of all, depression is at a peak – creatives are dying. Ngapha, an officially sanctioned narrative, is that the NAC has no money to help artists.

Cabanga, ndoda ngaleso sikhati…, 

Ehe! Meanwhile, there are court battles where the NAC is spending a fortune of Artists’ Money on the top-est-of top SCs of the goddammed law in the land. Usabuza, why is the NAC in Court? Dwee of Patrick Duuh! Of Spongebob Square pants things. 

So, the NAC uses the courts to fight arts and creative industry organisations serving artists. These include those empowering the youth with sound, lighting and stage production skills – the South African Roadies Association (SARA). The NAC also brawl with National Arts Festival Grahamstown NPC for demanding monies (cheddar that would nourish artists) they are contractually entitled. 

Brika Net Daar, Hang On, A minute…,
Akenimeni kancane bo mama, nani madoda in arts and cultural industries space…., Was The NAC Established To Serve or Fight Artists?  You see, Some at the NAC are costing Artists. 

Together with their do not come cheap legal minds, the NAC goes and loses on the matter of case number: 14206/2021. The issue got heard on 12 August 2021 at the Gauteng division of the High Court in Johannesburg. On top of that squander, they got to pay, again with Artists’ Million, the legal costs of the National Arts Festival Grahamstown NPC. In addition, the NAC is wasting Artists’ Money trying to edit Freddy Nyathela. The claim is that the chief Rodie is in the business of defaming the NAC on social media and all.

Heads up! Quick! 

Just for fun, switch to the siyahleba mode.

Pss! Coum! Make I whisper to you. Remember, legal fees paid with Artists’ Money are mounting, as we write, because the NAC is engaging top-dollar lawyers to bully a new employee. One figure bandied about is that in the last financial year, about R5 million of Artists’ Money went to legal fees of one company hired by the NAC. At the rate things are going, the matter of Tshepo Mashiane, whom the NAC hired and would not allow to perform his duties…, So, lots of Artists Millions got headed to the pockets of legal firms and people. Look out for more on the Mashiane piece coming soon, under the title – The Firing Of Marion Mbina Mthembu.

Behold The National Arts Conundrum Of South Africa 3

Senseless Locking Up Of Money Meant To Help Starving Artists


By the way, you still remember the narrative that says…,

 ‘The NAC cannot, maximally, aid artists because coffers are running dry. Akula! But then BOOM! All of a sudden. Jiki, Jiki sources say in September 2021, two tranches of R30 million – Artists’ Money –get stashed with the South African Reserve Bank. Bo ma sning-sning, baphinde e NAC balahlele another five meters, R5 million of Artists’ Money baba! Now, According to one narrative, the transfer goes without a council resolution or knowledge. As a result, one council member resigns over this matter. 

Another council member says…,

“A matter of moving that amount of money from the NAC account should have come to the Council, but as a council member, I can tell you now that it did not. Someone senior in the Council must have instructed the CFO to move the money.” The total sixty-five meter, sources say, accumulated from money not claimed by successful grant applicants. Aahaa! Those things of surplus fund business Freddie Nyathela says got dipped in a poo-bucket of corruption. 

“This thing is a big mess,” says another council member. “We have been dismissing Freddie. Saying we do not have surplus funds. And then this R65 million business shows up. Hay!”

Well, insiders say the playing amadice with Artists’ Millions in times of hunger is supported by some council members. There is no corruption or anything wrong to write home about. So, they say. The one reason the money went in the direction of the SARB is to invest and generate some high yields.  Hawu! Kanti, is the National Arts Council not supposed to Invest In Artists? So, now they can, in their comfort and luxury, also dabble in gambling with Artists’ Money. Yes, all that, while artists are wasting away in depression, starvation and dispossession…,
More Bean Spillage

“The sad part about this whole thing is that every day, I mean every day, we have artists knocking at the NAC’s doors asking for this or that assistance, and they hardly get it,” says a staff member speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another council member that recently resigned pours their heart out. “You do not do that – you do not, you know. You do not make people lie about the non-availability of money when there is money that can make a difference in an artist’s life. You know, SAVE A LIFE! We are dealing with heartless people here.”

Well, in the spirit of good and balanced storytelling, the writer did reach out to the NAC through emailed questions and phone calls. Alas! The NAC continues to give him that girl without a name attitude. You know, the gaslighting no response girl in Lenny William’s teary I Love You. 

Oh! Dear companion, it might interest you to know that in a letter to staff, in part, Dlamini writes…, “Despite various media reports, the NAC Council remains united in serving the entity. We continue to make joint decisions that are in the best interest of the organisation and are aware that there is deliberate disinformation that (is) spread by disgruntled forces in an attempt to destabilise the organisation or (to) cast aspersions on the work of (the) Council and the NAC.” And then also thrown in is that without fear or favour cliche.


Now That You Know The Truth. Are you going to follow Bob Marley’s directive to Get Up? Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights. Ooh! Yeah! 


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