The R118 Million NAC Scam That Got Some On A Runaround

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Ehlele ka nnete ngwaneso, umthombo wezindaba zakwa NAC awomi. Ergo, come on -choir- let us open today’s sermon with a classic gospel music hymn! Here we go…,


Ophuzayo (ophuzayo) Kulawa…, Kulawa Manzi. Oh…, Again! Repeat the line with the writer. Ophuzayo…, Yes, wonderful, and now let us go uuhp – up! Lift your voice. Das right. Ophuzayo Kulawamanzi, akomi na, phakade cha!

Haay bo! Do not lie, uthi awukezwa? Cala, yong batjho kutjharagene khulu kwamambala mramama…., Ziyakhaaaaala Bannaaa! Kwa NAC. Kushubile and so isukile. That is because the shenanigans around the R65 Million that got “stashed” at the South African reserve bank. Additionally in that stew, there are mo izimali ezishisiweKere bona, R54 Million of Artists’ money that get silver-platter laid for the newly registered Mzansi National Philharmonic Orchestra NPC. Hence, in the shadows – there is…., Awu, Zakhala Izincingo. Alas! But the telephones are not ntring!!! Ntringing to trigger the…, 

Oh! Man! Talk about the engaging, animated and entertaining radio request line show of the brilliant theatre of the mind artist, uBongani Cyril Kansas Mchunu. Aw’ suka madoda umfana omuhle kunabo bonke emhlabeni. 


Zikhalaphi Na, And why? 


Precisely, why are the phones ringing off the hook behind the scenes? That is because – in the back – one meeting after another tryst is organized. The calls are about bullying, silencing and intimidation. All these activities to squash…, Ehe! It is boiling like a volcano story. Hence the tagline:  

The Biggest Heist In the History Of The National Arts Council (NAC).

That being the case, word reaching ThiVi is that…,  So, apart from what SAMPA calls chihuahua’s running around pissing on and barking up the wrong trees…, What’s more is The High Chief of the Department of Sport Arts Culture to whom the NAC accounts…, Well, he is said to be leading from the front in the artless NAC R118 Million fighting fires business. 

But first…, So, this week the following happens ne. After the Sports Arts and Culture portfolio committee session of 02 September…, The South African Music Promoter’s Associating (SAMPA) writes an open letter to the Sports, Arts and Culture Minister. In the dispatch, the promoters say Nathi Mthetwa is arrogant and self-absorbed. “Take us seriously, Nathi (because) we are an R90 billion industry.” So reads the letter in part. You have not even once in two terms fought for us as cultural and creative industry practitioners. You are not one of us. Hence for two years of Covid19, you could hang us to dry.” 

Mthethwa is, continues SAMPA, a meal served cold to artists, the arts and the creative sector. Consequently, the impresarios of music insist on their call for the portfolio committee and president Cyril Ramaphosa to put the NAC under administration. 


There Are Swirls Of Winds Of Change 


Alo ke, we are talking about things that flow with the calculated and enchanting music (to the ear) mesh of Jimmy Dludlu and Bongo Maffin – Winds Of Change. It is a cry out of the promoters getting echoed in a statement by The Gauteng Creative And Cultural Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA). 

Moreover, CCIFSA Gauteng demands transparency on the R65 million Artists’ monies stashed at the SARB. Add to that the demand for accountability around the R54 Million of Artists’ fortunes allocated to the newly registered Mzansi National Philharmonic Orchestra NPC. There are calls for forensic investigations by relevant institutions or agencies and for the law to take its course. Thus…,

“The CCIFSA Gauteng will, in the coming week, be opening criminal cases with the SAPS and the Hawks.” 

Batjho umlandu kuying na? Well…,”Fraud, money laundering and failure by council to exercise its fiduciary responsibilities.” No wonder! A seething Chief, so the story goes…, Calls someone among the CCIFSA nonconformist of eGoli and irritably bemoan. ‘Why issue that (damning) statement when our department has a cordial relationship with CCIFSA national?’ 

Therefore, it is plain to see that there are intentions to gag and trample on freedom of speech – guaranteed in the bill of rights. But a highly placed CCIFSA Gauteng executive member that confirms the High Chief’s call got some words for the Chief…, ‘It does not work like that. Our friendly relations can not give rise to censorship on issues of corruption. But most of all, it should not mean we must keep silent even when artists we represent are robbed blind. Hayi kabi, Chief.’

More organisations in the arts and creative space are gearing up to reiterate the SAMPA and CCIFSA stance on the NAC.

Dear companions, today let us close our NAC episode with a dance to a hottie tune from 80s South African pop music. The song is by a group called Volcano. Amid the boogie down, sing the lines…,  Watch out for the (arts and creative sector) Volcano, no one can stop it, because…, SAMPA, among others, is out lobbying support that would champion the noble cause (s) of artists, arts and the creative sector. Add to that the SAMPA slogan that goes along the lines of…,

 Ganmara kubhujwe yong, Sidikiwe, Asinavalo. 


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Victoria Arosi
1 year ago

Our industry is doomed shame . I don’t even want to count how many times we have been disrespected as Artist . It’s a norm thing for these fundings to disappear in the hands of vultures . We as Artist we submit our proposals hoping to be approved and get funding so that we can work and create work but all that becomes a fairytale. We wait in vain phone ring ring dololo . This has happened many times now I lost counting . The vampires are feeding on our blood of sweart . Shame on you all.

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