The Seven Hashtag Nightmares In Cyril Ramaphosa’s Sight

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The tide is turning, it would seem, sooner than expected. 

And perhaps it should because voices are increasingly getting some fine-tuning. On cue, they will sing the hymn Amahlathi Aphelile Akusekho Ukucasha -Hallelujah Chorus style, as conducted by Quincy Jones. Admittedly, it would seem the excuses hat is running empty.

There is not much success in dragging stuff from the blame or shifting the focus basket. As a consequence, President Cyril Ramaphosa – The I Am Shocked Bad Comedy Show is on holiday.  And so is the nine wasted years narrative…,  

Instead, hanging on to a porous shield is a sitting duck head of state. Because he insists the law must be allowed to take its course and due process followed. Now, the next time Cyril begins with his heh! heh! heh! Lecture about  The Law…,  

Fast! The liar must be a halt in his tracks with that famous line of  O! Come On, Mr President!  Yeah, you know to borrow from who. Whilst at it, you may want to go for kill, say something Tyrese Gibson like…, 

“Like seriously, right now. Look who is talking. It is the same monumental failure that could not let the law take its course. O! Phssh! Please, man! Talk about a distinguished disappointment in the department of leading by example of following due process. Just Beat it, sell out buff! Be gone Wasambye!”



A Vat Say, Place The Buff In Quarantine

According to the SABC, ANC veteran Mavuso Msimang calls on President Cyril Ramaphosa to step aside immediately. You know, to allow pending investigations into the 2020 robbery at his Phala Phala farm in Limpopo to unfold without his phantom hovering.

Several are whispers saying sponsors of Ramaphosa are beginning to throw him under the bus. Well, perhaps it is because it is becoming explicit that South Africa has in him a roly-poly cross breed of an ankole-horned buffalo in the room. One the most destructive than an elephant in musth. A periodic phase characterized by high testosterone in a male elephant is called musthing. In that state, the animal is prone to aggression, easy irritation, restlessness and unpredictability.


Too Many Eyes Are Not Welcome At PhalaPhala Farm

The Daily Maverick says it remains unclear why Phala Phala farm was not in the presidential protection setup at the time of the robbery. He, after all, apparently spends a lot of moments there. 

According to the Presidential Handbook, the SAPS should protect the official and private residences of presidents and their deputies. Therefore, it is straightforward- is it not? That Ramaphosa did not want too many eyes at PhalaPala Finish and Klaar. Because too many peepers, you see, would cause trouble in the magnitude of PhalaPhaFarmGate. 

And as waar, consequently the mattress bank happenned. Now, a story by the Namibian newspaper tells of one reason Ramaphosa did not want to report the theft at a police station. That is because he would find it difficult to explain the massive cash amount of money in his farm. Indeed yazi, for the first time, Ramaphosa told the truth. Indeed, how do you begin to spin, to…,


How about you play along…, Yes, come up with your list of Seven trending hashtags giving president Cyril Ramaphosa no peace right now. So, here is our list.




3.#Sorry Jacob Zuma





Moreover, the should be a bonus of #PhalaPhalaGateFarm, he deserves, worked hard for it. Shem! In conclusion, who could blame a random thought that says Ramaphosa earned the presidency simply because…,  

And thus, all owing to his just sounding presidential. 


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