The Sordid Tale Of Mice Making Off With Artists Money

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A trusted  MAKHOSI!! Says da mense nebare bantsenyetsa slow down hore ke ska kwala this week. Word is because the writer okwala machila ka National Arts Council (NAC). Aaah! Bazayile blind, bwang.

Hence an urban African saying counsels that vesane ufake upayipi in a rat’s (arse)hole, and then you open the tap. Sit back, relax and watch the mother fu-ching-ching-eating rat emerge out of the pit with a dripping wet coat and whiskers shedding water drops. Ehe! Kuvela nje, okwegundane, kuhlahle namehlo. Phela, sekwaba simumu, kuyakhulunyelwa. 


NAC Has No Money For Artists And Creative Sector


Indeed, speaking on the NAC’s behalf…, It is the Joy Mbewana-led CCIFSA’s of this dammed side of the South African Arts and Creative world. Aw’ SIFA nje singama artist kanti umkhuba usekhaya madodaThus a Mbewana signed NAC-CCIFSA statement read…, “The NAC further states the (applications)declines are mainly due to the limited NAC Budget available to fund the sector as a whole.” Hogay!!! Khese ujame net khonapho, Joy. Wait with the pretense at oblivion about money shenanigans at the NAC. 

Because some records…, Ehe, they reveal the NAC has resources, just not for 2235 (out of 2374) artists or creative project applications declined. Only this year, within three months, R255 657 got spent by the NAC kuleqwa, with top dollar attorneys, the South African Roadies Association – a youth empowering organization in the arts and Creative sector. Then there is R143 346 spent by the NAC for urgent court applications.

A Cesspit Of Scandalous Abuse, Inequality, Exploitation And Disrespect

Mnciim! Joy! What about the R65 Million stash at the reserve Bank? Hold on for a minute. Because other yet to be confirmed reports say on top of the ring-fenced R54 million received by BongaNathi Mnzansi Orchestra…, There is a further R19 or R20 Million with a couple of b’zakaza that got parked for this orchestra project yekhethelo, otherwise known as the Mzansi National Philharmonic Orchestra.


Going All Out For The BongaNathi Mnzansi Orchestra

Celenhle Dlamini, NAC chairperson, could do “clean-up” work on the NAC MOA with the BongaNathi Mnzansi Orchestra. However, the same Celenhle fails to save the NAC attorney fees elsewhere. An Arise Benefit Concert, SAB(S)C MOU cost the NAC R15,525.  Add to that…, A media inquiry from the Daily Sun that has the NAC running helter-skelter to the attorneys. As a result, the whole thing cost R8 625. Kanti kufihlwani le ngaka behind the attorneys?  While still on the groundbreaking idea of la mncimbi of a benefit concert for victims of floods in KZN. Festival season is upon the land. Ergo, the question arises, where on the calendar of events is the Arise Benefit Concert? For the show…, Phela over R300 000 got unshackled from the NAC. Others say there is more. Let us sniff around further. In the meantime…,

Horror As Eskom Goes Load Shagging

There Is Money To Seal Mouths

Over and above, the NAC has monies for handshakes, not artists and creative projects. consequently, the word is the greasy palm trick got tried on ex-interim CEO Marion Mbina Mthembu a couple of weeks ago. However, Mbina Mthembu called back up from Brenda Fassie to sing…, No No No Senors. But you do remember that former CEO Rosemary Mangope did accept an NAC handshake of an estimated cool R1 million. A saying nothing of significance press statement thingy on the handshake matter got drafted by lawyers and got the NAC forking out, uhm…, R15 545Meanwhile, there is a whole communications team and committee of the NAC. 

Net Closing In On Culprits Who Moved R65 Million Of Artists Cheese


A newly composed NAC saying goes something like…., When The Going Gets Tough, Rent A Mouth. Indeed, the Mbewana CCIFSA got turned into the NAC mouthpiece to speak of NAC capacity-building Roadshows from October 2022 to February 2023. Awu! Sebegijima phambili with NAC drives and campaigns…, Of courses, the duping kind that got meant to fool artists and creative sector people. Mmhh! Somewhere somehow resources will get found to go on some silly thing of a masquerade of a pretence to care about artists and the creative sector. 

Lastly…, Shall we go into detail about the potential source of the funds for this road show? You know, the multi hundreds of million of illegally gathered SURPLUS FUNDS kitty for pals and urgent mvala mlomo’s. Well…, Maybe not today, because that na be a big-big story for another sober day. Hey Joy! Will the NAC Programme manager: Capacity building be part of these roadshows? Phela da maan is getting paid with Artists’ money while twirling thumbs at home.

Therefore, Dear messengers of the Arts gods…, Nithule nithini na nikhafulelwa? Of senafakwa, some stay soft of a slowdown, na?  

To those that did not make the PESP cut…,  Well, sing it to them Mabrrr!

Sithi Sangoma tholani amadlozi ngoba nina hay’ ziyan’bhedela.


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