Young And Buried Alive

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Present-day South African youth got to the crossroad – Sarafina movie style. Would they continue to be blasé about current socio-economic conditions as they danced to amapiano while buried alive, or could they emulate the June 1976 youth who bit the bullet to confront a bleak present and future? 

So, meet the Taufinas in a short film where the past collides with the present. It is the early 1990 or thereabout. 

In the back, the eye of the camera catches the dry lands of the highveld, swept by a winter chill biting the skin down south of Africa. A broken heart and agonising voice sing. The call-out brings to attention the hate-filled chant in the hearts of conspirators against the youth of South Africa.

All the boys and the girls are running, Running for their lives. Cause the man with the gun is coming. Coming to shoot them before they grow. Shoot them before they grow.

Ah! As the soul of the song prophet Brenda Fassie cries out…,With their guns cocked, weapons of mind destruction loaded, and knives drawn out…, The modern-day slave traders rode, like witches, on the sunset clause to the twilight of their dark underworld. Together with the liberation struggle sellouts wrapped under their rip-ready claws, corners of their smiles dripped with blood -The Joker style.

 Once there, in the shadows, the bankers wasted no time dictating terms for the rule of the contested territory through their gambling or board games.

 Secret Agenda To Damn The Young

Stay with me.

Now, follow the frame as it rewinds to the scene of CODE SA in Kempton Park. There we find a revealing moment involving certain freedom beggars in cheap or second-hand suits. Just picture them with their caps in hand as they belly-dance, puppet style, to those firmly stationed on their economy-pounding seat. Ah! Yes, the greedy guts.

Among others, they are making a pact to mind-castrate the African youth. In essence, agreed upon is that imperative was the detachment of the minds of young people from their bodies such that they were imikhovu.  All of a sudden…, 

Fast forward to the present day. As waar, the youth got united. Alas, in things of passive fun. Not so much in the collective plan and action toward economic liberation for all. 

Momentarily, the eye of the camera frame moves from homes to streets, clubs and schools. Captured are lively participation in the Felo Le Tee and Myztro 66 Dance Challenge. 

Next are scenes from the Izolo music video of DJ Maphorisa and Tyler ICU. Some binge on all sorts of substances.

In the back, almost invisible but clear of voice, slowly emerges uncle TC the Claimer. He is talking at a youth month mind-storming session. At his feet is the audience of Twelve AwokeUns (TAUs), the disciples. So startling were the claims TC made.

Amid the current state of affairs, with youth joblessness off the rails, rampant substance abuse and apolitical youth…, It was not hard to believe his assertions. Therefore, TC, in front of an attentive audience, unfolded the narrative…,

BUWA! TC, Buwa!

“Since 1994, the ruling elites had been conspiring against South African youth. Out of the fear of the young, a destruct and disrupt strategy got hatched somewhere. Some selected president had been in on the plan since. Hence in 1984/5, at a London hotel, he was suddenly announced as the future head of state of a continued white South Africa post the liberation struggle. So in a supposed democratic atmosphere, he was to make sure that prevented was any possible earth-shaking mass movement for progressive change, similar to that from 1976 into the 1980s. 

“Notably, that momentous period in world history proved how potent a sober, alert, radical and determined youth could be. 

Indeed, from 1976 a focused South African youth went about sorting out a government that was doing them and their parents wrong. Furthermore, the youth collective set straight even the African adults preoccupied with the fear of the colonial system, entertaining mediocrity, selling out and seeking comfort in stuff like mindless consumption of alcohol.”


Caught In The Trap of Heartless Greed

In general, TC went on to suggest the porous borders and ports of entry since 1994 were so drug lords could have a field day supplying local youth with every drug imagined. 

“Secondly, exposing you to idleness and high unemployment…, Yes, that got meant to frustrate you, young lions, to self-destruct. Among a few that got economically active, they got enticed and lured to a life of preoccupation with materialism, consumerism, debt and self-obsession.

Additionally, the public education that would see African children not understanding what they read or got taught was deliberate. That is because the motive was mass production of non-thinkers, almost zombies. Significantly the subtle encouragement of teenage pregnancy through social grants got intended to be a catalyst to speed-up exit from the nothing to lose youth zone.” 


“At the present moment,” TC went on to say, “Plain to see was the lack of active interest among the youth in the governance matters of the country that is their inheritance. Voter apathy among you young people of South Africa got attributed to the dislike of political parties, political work or processes. Furthermore, most of you did not see the use of voting as it hardly changed your social and material condition. So, they got you right where they wanted you! Ah! Indaba My Children. You did not listen when Don Mattera told you Memory Is the Weapon. Remember, the white fear of the one man, one vote.”


In conclusion, TC said…,

Apartheid was officially in charge of South Africa for 46 years. So, 2022 marks the 46th anniversary of the June 16 massacre. 

“Therefore, would you, the Taufinas, rise to the occassion to save the nation from selfish and old leadership shenanigans, Farmgate? Amid the enjoyment of your freedom to have fun -will you, the woke ones, heed the call of Fanon that Each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it? What is your collective mission if it is not Economic Freedom for All in your lifetime?

A chicken cock-a-doodle-do sounded. Then, the thumping sounds of drums and a shrill of a whistle followed in tandem. Harmonising voices laid the carpet for Letta Mbulu. In due course, she began thus, Umhlaba wakithi bo…,


Spirited, the Taufinas rose. Clenched fists shot up to the air. Aluta for Africans Economic Freedom continued in a progressively earth-shaking manner.

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