Zizi Kodwa Gets An Urgent Multilingual Open Letter

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Dear Zizi K,

This one na be quicky note for you.

But first things first…, Ewu! Waphela umbuso ka Nathi Mthethwa madoda. Uphela kuphi na? Well.., Laphaya at the Department of Sports Arts and Culture – DSAC, batjho. Hey, there! Nathi, it was nice, ne. You had some Nutty gravy moments whilst it lasted, angithi! Anyway…, Now, like a never ending stream flowing to the sea, abakwa arts and creative world move along because one philosopher once said…,

“Sip not water under the bridge. It is expired drink for the rotten ones. Therefore, by all means, look forward and forge ahead. Keep your head up. However, because Memory Is A Weapon through which battles of psychological conquests get secured in the future…, ALWAYS REMEMBER THE PAST.”

Wadijaja mos!

So, PASOP! Zizi Kodwa, still fresh in several minds, are the scars and memory of heART-less acts committed against artists during Covid 19 lockdown and how the NAC-ANC (same whatsapp group) failed the Arts and creatives in the last twenty nine years. Zizi, you just walked into the creative, arty, sweaty, spirited endurance and dare-death world. The post-1994 mirage of a honeymoon is long over. In fact, the word gets put succinctly in the local television production, Yizo Yizo!…,

Isikhathi samapopayi siphelile!

Eugene says, Blacks! You Can Call Each Other Kaffirs

Ehe! The wired ones… You follow the drift, you do mosdan, ne? Now mina ngithunyiwe minister omuhle, Zizi! Kuthiwa la, hothwe to tell you ukuthi bring not *ubuzizizi la kwa arts and culture. Furthermore, mina mithunyiwe kuthi nikutshele, ne -ane!

Zizi, a swell of creatives…, Artists and administrators in the Arts, culture, and show business are gatvol! It is just free inside info for you, you know…, Take it or leave it…, Just saying nje, it will do you and maybe your party some good to do.., To eintlik DO! The right things. That would be before the 2024 elections. You know, do stuff not according to you, the ANC/NAC…, But in this case, according to the sense driven vision and desires of South African artists, creative entrepreneurs and administrators. Stuff that benefits most, not just a few, the amazingly talented in arts, creativity, sports…,

Again…, remember Zizi, the power and the influence of culture and arts during the liberation struggle. Uyakhumbula, the Amandla Ensemble of giant Jonas Gwangwa of Afrika Lefatshe La Badimo, The fiery Womandla Power of Miriam Makeba…, Ooh! The lyrical and word-explosive pen of E’skia Mphahlele. The ink flowing with bitter truths from the pen of Henry Nxumalo and Bessie Head. Poetry with a bite from Willie Kgositsile, Lefifi Tladi, Don Mattera, Mzwakhe Mbuli…,

Assassination Attempt Made On Actor’s Character

So, Zizi – in a nutshell abanye abaninsi apha kwa arts and culture badikwe kukhafulelwa abasafuni mkhonyovu. Indeed manyofonyofo haba oa batle, abawafuni konke-konke. Please, Bathi bazwile abataki and are now increassingly taking the Nelson Mandela advise to do, through their art and creativity, to the ANC what artists did to the Apartheid government. Lastly, you see…, Zizi, when serious artists, sensible entertainers…, Yes, when the conscious ones in the arts are dikiwe – o tla bona sepoko. Hay’ kabi. Just a word of brotherly advise. Finally…, A request, Zizi kindly visit ThiviNetwork & the Peeps studios. Let us have a frank conversation. You know, you come and answer questions like this one…,

“Do you, Zizi Kodwa, have what it takes to turn around, particularly the Arts and Culture ministry for greater glory, or you just took the gig because it got thrown at you.., your way. Is it just another gig to you, Zizi?

Yabo! Of you see, we are fair here at ThiviNetwork we send one question beforehand. So Zizi, you can rehearse. But some with the gift of the arts know it is not what you say but what you do not say and what you get up to…,
Hay’ zinqunywa amakhanda ziyekwe, ha enye boloko kamoka.
Kodwa uqaphele Zizi. Isimo sib’cayi, Simanzonzo.


*Ubuzizizi, according to family legend…, means isiphithiphithi with no purpose, business sans meaningful outcome. It also denotes some antsy action behaviour characterised by loss of grounded human sense.


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[…] Zizi Kodwa Gets An Urgent Multilingual Open Letter […]

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