Kelly Khumalo Is Engaged

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The transforming in front of our eyes, from mantsho-nyana omuhle to yellow bone, Kelly Khumalo got Rushed Off her Feet.


Hey! uKelly Khumalo u busy. 

Ngapha abo Life with Kelly Khumalo, ninini bekuyi acting. Last week Kelly with friends performed at Meriting Events Centre in the Vaal. In addition, remember, she had a show khona la at the Lyric Theatre’s Gold Reef City during Easter. At the time, the show also got extended to the Vaal. Now the news is that Gqberha is where she got headed. There, awaiting is the stage for the Healing Gospel & Afro-Soul Explosion at Boardwalk on the 4th of June 2022. Further details on the gig, later.

What Is The Cloak-and-Dagger Operation of Kelly? 

Under the above circumstances, apha kwa ThiVi we say…,

Bakwethu, niyabon’ u MaKhel-Khel is busy. Hay’ u girl is engaged.  Ekaze wenza ngani when so many local artists were struggling. Is it luck, hard work, or is the secret with the strategy. Come closer to uMalube of showbiz Kelly, baby. Do tell your uncle. Trust me, no soul will know about it. So, vele le suspicion yokuthi wathwala ngo…?  You know who. Is it working? Bangani these things must be working. Ne, ane? What a nice. To clarify, pleasant is the touch of sound from the Kelly Khumalo song Ngathwala Ngaye. So is the soothing vocal delivery with collaborator Mondli Ngcobo. Hay’ bayay’shaya, impela ingoma – Woza Africa style.Yini lethi nca-nca…?

Hee-he! Kelly, is the clock ticking?

Just A Mix-Up, Or Did Kelly Did A Thwaling Ngo…, 

Clarifying furthermore for abondaba, Ngathwala Ngaye is a song title of thought-teasing nature. Sends a mind into a world of is it…,? Could it be Kelly means…, 

Ehe! Idliso means to use a love potion on someone. On the other hand, ukuthwala ngomuntu involves killing and using human body parts or body dirt to boost one’s fortune. Then Kelly’s lyrical delivery of the Ngathwala Ngaye is of confusing suspicion. That would be according to the message of the tune. In the song, Kelly has a feeling a lover used a love potion yomuthi on her. However, she sings that HE, not HER, uthwele ngaye.

In other words, the song title Ngathwala Ngaye could have intentionally got meant as a riddle. Something to confuse or play on the growing suspicion that Kelly was up to no good. The publicity stunt position was that instantly, the song would get interpreted to mean the singer killed and or used the body parts of someone. 


The Difference Between Ukuthwala and Korobela

For this reason…, Yes, because of the confusion the ngathwala ngaye phrase might cause, we went on a search for an meaning. All for you. Yabona siyak’thanda.

“Ukuthwala is not the same as idliso le ntando.”

So explicitly says someone with intimate knowledge of things African herbal mysteries.

“Idliso le ntando comes in two ways. First, someone could dlisa you because of a desire to have you love them, madly so. Furthermore, to become their fool such that you follow them even when they go to the toilet.” 

Ehe! a zombie ukusitjo. Shem, skatana sabatho.

“Secondly, someone will dlisa you in an attempt to kill you. However, the after-effects of failure to do so could lead to a lifetime of painful coughing and heartburn.”

In a nutshell, idliso is when you get fed Korobela things of Danny Kamazu Maliwa – a classic tune.

On the other hand…,

“When you thwala, you do not do so using one person. Every year you must get some warm body or its part to renew the service. Often people thwala for business, money, career success, and or to be feared. To get strong muthi for your thwaling, you must do something like getting a human head, their body dirt…, Aw’thwaleli ukuthandwa.NO! Ukuthwala is not for love.”

So, above all…, could it be a slippery of the fingers thing happened when the Kelly Khumalo song title Ngithele Ngaye got written? Or was it that moment that Julius Malema would declare as motho otshwarehele?


Kelly Khumalo Into Things Of Godliness

Enough with innuendos. As much as it got announced in the Life with Kelly Khumalo reality TV show that she will be undergoing Sangoma initiation – Kelly will have you know she is a God’s plan person. Consequently, maKhel-Khel would not be involved in the dark things of boloyi, right. 

“God had a plan for me to be the voice of his kingdom.”  And so, the presenter Relebogile Mabotja and the 702 Talk Radio audience got told.

Furthermore, Kelly said yena ngane yamaNtungwa was inclined to be consumed by the power of God. Therefore if you had any sandla semfene suspicious thoughts linked the Qinisela hit song performer, wipe your mind clean. Ngiyak’ cebisa njalo. Now you know Kelly Khumalo is busy with the things of the Kingdom of…, Not some backward funny stuff of some Bantus.

People Of eBubeleni Kelly, Is Coming For You.


CATCH the fantastic singer at the Healing Gospel & Afro-Soul Explosion the Healing Gospel & Afro-Soul Explosion at Boardwalk in Gqberha on the 4th of June 2022. Jaziel Brothers, Butho Vuthela, and Legato SA got set to share the stage with Khumalo. The Arts and Culture department Mzansi Golden Economy sponsored event forms part of the build-up towards the annual Ebubeleni Festival in December. Tickets for R300 at, Pick n Pay and Boxer stores.


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